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Welcome to the Health Care PC, here you will find well-experienced and licensed doctors from primary care to the heart specialists in New York. We know and understand when it comes to the get the primary care, you want the most comprehensive and best delivery of services. As the health care center, here the specialized doctors look into every aspect from routine examinations to the overall development and provide the requisite guidance.

We are not only the complete family medical group, rather a complete solution of general medicine, pediatrics, surgery, and cardiology services are offered by the specialists. In the department of cardiology, we have a team of heart specialists for the quality of heart care and treatments.

We maintain 24/7 emergency services throughout the week.

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Cardiovascular diagnostic tests and international procedures are used to determine if a person has heart problem, the type and severity of cardiac disease, and the most effective treatment. These special tests can evaluate the underlying cause of symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations, heart murmurs, and high blood pressure. We can evaluate clinical findings of cardiomegaly (enlarged heart) and coronary artery disease in more detail.
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Cardiology, P.C. offers in-house testing related to cardiac specialty needs. On-site testing offers greater convenience to you as well as an added assurance of quality and appropriate follow-up. To aid in making an accurate diagnosis, your doctor may order a test or series of tests. We will provide verbal or written instructions for you to follow.

  • EKG
  • Exercise Treadmill Test

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