Heart disease has become almost a house hold name in the United States. This is due to the alarming increase in this epidemic. Heart disease has become the #1 killer in the US. Education is one of the first steps in prevention. You cannot prevent anything that you don’t know about. These 5 heart disease facts are a great way to start your personal education.

  • CDC states that over 600,000 people die from heart disease. This is every year. That means 1 in 4 deaths are attributed to this deadly disease.
  • Heart disease kills both men and women. But, men are at slightly higher risk. CDC states that more than 50% of heart disease deaths in 2009 were in men.
  • Coronary Heart Disease is the most commonly seen type of heart disease. Coronary Heart Disease kills over 300,000 people annually.
  • In the United States, over 700,000 people have a heart attack. Again, this is every year. Quite the epidemic.
  • Of these over 700,000 heart attacks are the first time. Another, over 200,000 heart attacks are the second, third, etc. time.
  • Knowing the signs of a heart attack allow you to help yourself, a family member, or friend during a heart attack.
  • Approximately 47% of heart disease related deaths happen outside of the hospital. This is attributed to several factors including ignoring potential heart attack signs and symptoms, lack of people knowing how to identify the signs of a heart attack, and lack of people know proper first aid including CPR.
  • Very few people know what to do during a heart attack. CDC reports that only 27% of people are aware of the signs of a major heart attack and to call 9-1-1. This severe lack of knowledge turns heart attacks that could be survivable into deadly conditions.

This 8 heart disease facts should be eye opening. They illustrate the tremendous risk that Americans face of dying from a heart attack. This does not mean that heart disease has to be fatal. You can take action. Receive regular checkups and physicals help to identify your risk for heart disease and any potential symptoms that you are already showing. Following your doctor’s advice is critical. Making healthy life choices reduces your risk. Don’t be in the 27% that don’t know what to do. Get a first aid and CPR course from providers like American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

If you think that you are having heart problems then don’t delay seek a consultation with a primary care physician. If you have a medical practice close that specializes both in primary care and cardiology then you are even further ahead. Heartcare PC is one such medical practice. Our doctors are trained in both primary care and cardiology. We possess decades of experience. We are dedicated to reducing the statistics of death due to heart disease.

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Whether you come see us or not, use these 8 potentially lifesaving heart disease facts to help save the life of you, a family member, or friend.