If you have heart disease then you are living with a potentially serious health condition. If you follow the advice of your cardiologist, and make some lifestyle changes then you can prevent further complications like sudden death, having a heart attack, further heart damage, reduced oxygen supply to your body, and experiencing an irregular heartbeat. We are dedicated to each of our cardiology patients. Part of quality cardiology care is education. This article provides tips on how to live with heart disease.

See a Cardiologist Regularly
Primary care physicians are a great start to medical care. If you have heart disease then you should be referred to a cardiologist. They are specifically trained to deal with heart disease. They also keep up on the newest advances in cardiology. By receiving regular care then you help to stop further complications of heart disease.

If you are not under a cardiologist care then speak with your primary care physician. They can refer you to a qualified professional. If you need help finding one in the Northeast then consider contacting our office. We are welcome to help anyone with heart disease. We offer four locations throughout New York and New Jersey. See the end of this article for a list of locations and our phone number.

Follow Your Cardiologist’s Advice
We all lead busy lives. We also get into a “comfort zone”. Together, these can make us reluctant to change. But, change is important to stopping complications of heart disease. Your cardiologist is going to recommend some changes such as proper diet, maintaining a proper weight, quitting smoking, etc. Your doctor will not be living with you. So, it is up to you to put these changes into everyday use.

Exercise Regularly
Your heart is a muscle. Like your biceps, triceps, or any other muscle lack of use causes your heart to become weak. Exercising regularly helps to ensure your heart’s strength. Exercise also helps to control blood pressure. Exercise does not mean spending four hours a day in the gym. You don’t have to look like Mr. Olympia. Exercising for 30 minutes a day, three times a week is a great place to start. If you already have heart disease then you should consult your cardiologist before starting any exercise program.

Reduce Stress
Stress is part of modern life. We all have a large amount of responsibilities that we need to complete. But, uncontrolled stress can have damaging affects on your health. It can cause sleep problems, headaches, trouble focusing, and put stress on your heart. Reducing stress doesn’t mean becoming a hermit. You can reduce stress by practicing meditation, yoga, exercise, and simply spending some time relaxing after a tough day.

The worst thing you can do is to ignore heart disease. Putting your head in the sand will not make it go away. It can even make things worse. But with proper medical care, following your doctor’s orders, exercising regularly, reducing stress, and ensuring a proper diet then you greatly reduce your chances of further complications. Heartcare PC is here to help anyone with cardiology issues. More importantly, we help you prevent cardiology conditions. See our locations below.

Utilizing these tips on how to live with heart disease is a great start. We wish you all the best in your journey toward living a healthy life.

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