Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. Majority of people in the US have felt it’s effects either from personal experience, a family member, or friend. At it’s most devastating, heart disease can cause sudden and catastrophic heart attacks. Often, these are called “widow makers”. But, this is not the only way heart disease can affect your life. We explain, why heart disease will change your life.

Heart Disease Can Limit Your Activity
Heart disease can decrease the amount of blood flowing through your body. It also can cause stiffening of the heart itself. As these changes occur, your body literally is not getting enough oxygen. This shows up when you begin physical activity. Your body cannot move enough oxygen. As your activity level increases then you begin to feel the symptoms of heart disease. You become short of breath and cannot keep your activity level up.

Blood Pressure Changes Rapidly
Blood pressure is the measure of the force that your blood is moving through your body. Heart disease can have profound affect on your blood pressure. It can cause your blood pressure to either increase and/or decrease. It also can cause it to fluctuate between being high and low. These rapid blood pressure changes can cause headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. These changes can effect your life.

Untreated Heart Disease Can Lead to the “Widow maker
We mentioned this earlier. But, it bears repeating. We experienced this ourselves. A friend of a staff member’s father went to the doctor for testing. He was told that he was in good health and had 28 more years (yes, odd for a doctor to say). Six days later, while sitting on his couch, he passed away from a massive heart attack. It only took 3 minutes for him to die. Not even long enough for the Paramedics to arrive.

Increases Stroke Risk
Heart disease increases your risk for stroke. Heart disease decreases the blood flow through your body. This is caused by fatty deposits building up in your blood vessels. This limits the amount of blood that can get through. If your body is not getting enough blood then it will start to die from lack of oxygen. If your brain does not get enough blood flow then you experience a stroke. This is very serious because a stroke can leave you with permanent deficits in speech or movement in one side of the body.

Heart disease is very serious. Ignoring it will  not make it go away. It only increases your risk for debilitating and deadly effects. If you are experiencing chest pain, pain in your arm, neck, or back, shortness of breath during activity, or other troubling signs then you should consult a Cardiologist. Dr. Husain is one of the premier cardiologists in the Northeast. If you primary physician refers you to a cardiologist then you should call us for an appointment. We even offer emergency on-call services. We are available at multiple locations in New York and New Jersey. Don’t wait and risk becoming a statistic.

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